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Hi guys,

here something really nice revealed yesterday. Below is a google translate from the text on their web site (link below). ENJOY :)

Total Restoration Project - Subaru WRX STI 2005 - July 05, 2019

The Lachute Performance team has started a project that will catch the attention of fans of this icon of rallies ... I named; the legendary Subaru WRX STI GD ... Of course in its beautiful dress WRB (world rally blue) with golden rims.

We embarked on a complete restoration project for a 2005 WRX STI.

The goal is to build a 2005 Subaru WRX STI that would be even more beautiful than it could be when it left the factory in 2004.

We found a chassis in excellent condition ... to assemble the car ... parts by parts ... components by components ... and from (as far as possible) new parts.

The majority of the pieces were literally coming out of their boxes.

The pictures speak for themselves ... this car is simply sublime ...

Website with photos: Original Article

For the mechanics, we opted for an engine that would be up to project, always in the idea of ​​building the ideal 2005 WRX STI, a motor from our workshops, an engine forged AK-2. Forged components such as connecting rods and pistons as well as specific assembly specifications offer increased reliability to this 2.5L engine.

For the exhaust, we opted for a stainless steel exhaust, manufactured in our workshops, so that it can continue over time while offering great performance.

We would like to thank all members of the Lachute Performance team who contributed to the project.

I find this great, what an AMAZING job! Congrats to the Lachute Performance team.

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