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Tire comments from new registrant

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Admit I'm bringing up the rear on this topic because I'm new to the board although I've been waiting for my sti to get here for over two years. Aren't you guys kind of peeved that Subaru puts such low end tires on the sti as summer radials for standard equipment? I have a great tire guy that I have worked with for years for all of my cars, and he said that they break down really quickly. I'd almost rather Subaru give me a list of tires as part of an options package rather than playing "lets make a deal" with my dealer, or taking the car the next day to my tire guy. Then of course there is the issue of another winter like the one we just had. So discounting this past winter-what's the popular opinion for the basic year round tire? My guy votes for a dunlap high performance.
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SFRinNJ said:
...Subaru puts such low end tires on the sti as summer radials for standard equipment?....
hi SFRinNJ. a big welcome to the forums. i wouldn't call the re070 low end; it looks like they're oem on the nsx:


true, they're not gonna last 40k (or maybe even 20k for that matter), but i'll bet neither do the tires on equivalently high performance cars (nsx, porsches, etc.) and at least *we* can rotate our tires. ;)
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