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Mustang (stock STI 230whp)
Wheel HP:
Wheel TQ:
Ambient Temp:

Facebook journal:

I first got my Aspen white 06 STI when I was returning to the states after serving in Korea for 2 years. I reenlisted in the Army in Apr. 06'. I got $12,500, after taxes, for a bonus. That's where my jouney for mods began.

My mod list with my bonus consisted of all my defi gauges/controller and center gauge pod, my Pioneer head unit. intake, fmic, dp w/ custom exhaust, walbro 255 and the utec. It was only road tuned so I don't know the power numbers for those mods. I do know that it was really rich, pushing 21psi and would have HUGE backfires and get horrible boost creep.

I drove it like that for about 8 months then got deployed x-mas 2006. I married my girlfriend and we had our son while I was home on mid-tour leave. I think all I got was my a-pillar gauge pod and some exhaust hangers. I had to take care of the family and furniture for a home I was to return to instead of the barracks.

Taxes came back in 2008 and I got my hood from a buddy who was going to trade in his 07 wrx for an 05 STI. I got some headers for my bday and made 270whp/276wtq only running a 13.1 @ 103mph. That was enough to fry my clutch. I opted to upgrade to the ACT HD clutch and streetlite flywheel while at it. I deployed a second time around X-mas 2008. I ordered some PE850cc injectors and my Tial sport Q bov.

I came back from that deployment X-mas time 2009 and shortly after ordered a Full Race twin scroll hta gt3076r 1.06 a/r turbo kit and my KSTech 83mm cold air intake. On the stock block, that setup made 380/364 on a mustang dyno. My fastest time on that setup was a 12.20 @ 115mph.

I left for Germany in June 2010, leaving the car behind. In Sept I found out my dad had put my car in the shop shortly after I left. With a fully built long block it now makes 436/426 (mustang) on 93oct @ 24psi and 499/468 @ 28psi on VP MS109.

I finally got my car to Germany in Sept 2011. I got on the Nurburgring and roasted my stock brakes after 1 lap in the Spring of 2012. I finally got my brakes upgraded in September 2012 with DBA rotors and Project Mu pads and went back to the Ring in Spring 2013. I did 5 laps there with some great videos (too large for youtube).

I am now at Fort Polk Louisiana and am registered in the SCCA and have completed my first autox, placing 1st in SM against 2 other cars in my class and had the fastest fendered car out of 35 others
Went to my 2nd event 27 Apr and took 1st place again in SM. 3rd event on May 18th I got 2nd. I lost to a widebody STI with 295 slicks. I also got a hard pipe to replace the big silicone section of the turbo inlet.

June 6th I went back to Cobb to get the car's tune finished. After the first power pull they shut the car off so I walked over to it. They started it back up and we all distinctively heard the rod knock
I rented a Uhaul truck and trailer to get it home 5hrs away. I yanked the motor and disassebled it for the first time
I found rod 3 bearing destroyed and rebuilt the engine. I got everything installed and fired up the day before the movers came to pack everything for my next PCS to Ft. Bragg, NC. Perfect timing!

I started my break-in miles and noticed the oil leak. Took me a few reinstalls to realize I was using the wrong o ring. Fixed the leak and put about 40 miles on it and the cam bolt broke, causing the timing belt to come off. I threw in the towel and sent the car to Subaru to have them fix it. After 2 months, I finally got my car back and have installed a ton of little items that I've had and some that I've received for Xmas.

In April of 2015, I recieved my first sponsorship from Virtue Motorsports and have started a "shop" from home which I named, Car Addict Motorsports. In May, my new engine suffered a catastophic engine failure due to a lean tune that turned my entire longblock into scrap metal. I finished paying off that engine in December 2015 and have began building another, stronger, motor.

In May of 2016, the build is almost complete thanks to Virtue still being on board and recieved a sponsorship by Clutch Masters to help get everything back together by way of a twin disk clutch. I also got my engine parts back from the machine shop to start assembling everything.

January 2020, I finally had the car issue free and got it to the tuner. Waited to hear some good power numbers but turned out they had boost control issues. They couldn't fully diagnose it since the engine spun another bearing on the dyno. I could have bought another car at this point with how many engine I've gone through :/ Engine 5 going in at 85k miles. Out of owning this car for 14 years, I've only been able to drive it for 5!

-Original 702 EJ257 casing
-New 705 EJ257 casing
-IAG 2.5L closed deck casing
-Perrin downpipe
-Perrin el headers
-Full Race twin scroll headers (dei heat wrapped)
-Full Race twin scroll uppipe
-Full Race catless downpipe
-HTA Twin Scroll gt3076R 1.06a/r turbo
-EFR 7670 1.05a/r turbo
-2 x Tial 38mm MVS ewg's dumped to atmoshpere
-2 x Tial 38mm MVR water-cooled ewg's dumped to atmoshpere
-Grimmspeed 3-port EBCS
-Mahle 100mm pistons
-Mahle 99.5mm pistons 4032 alloy
-Manley Platinum 2618 99.75mm Pistons
-Pauter rods
-Manley H Tuff rods
-Kelford R-199-B cams 264/264
-New Kelford R-199-B cams 264/260
-BC springs and retainers set
-GSC bronze-magnesium valve guides
-GSC valves seals
-3-angle valve job 58* Bottom, 45* Seat, 38* Top
-ARP Custom Age 625+ head studs
-KSTech 83mm cai
-Injen short ram intake
-Samco turbo inlet
-Perrin FMIC polished pipes
-Full Race reverse manifold fmic black pipes
-Tial Sport Q bov
-KSTech TGV delete kit
-KSTech 1/2" throttle body spacer
-IAG 8mm phenolic tgv spacers
-T1 Racing Development topfeed conversion kit
-ID1000 topfeed injectors
-Aeromotive FPR
-PE850cc injectors
-Walbro fuel pump
-Deatshwerkz DW300C fuel pump
-Cobb Access Port v3
-Custom 3'' cbe w/ Magnaflow muffler
-Greddy catback
-Crawford Performance Air Oil Seperator
-NGK 1step colder spark plugs
-Cobb lightweight crank pulley
-Cobb MAF sensor block-off plate
-GM IAT sensor
-Custom coolant reservoir
-GT Spec oil press. sandwhich adapter
-GT Spec water temp. sensor adapter
-Omni 3-bar map sensor
-P&L high-pressure power steering line
-DIY radiator shroud
-Windshield washer reservoir delete
-Killer Bee oil pick up tube
-Killer Bee oil windage tray
-11mm oil pump
-Gates racing tensioner kit
-Grimmspeed hood struts
-Optima Red Top battery
-Billet Proof battery tray
-100amp breaker
-00awg power wire (had it left over from an audio setup
-Manifold, compressor cover, tgv's, valve covers and crank pulley powder coated Misty Midnight blue

Cleared, shaved and painted headlights
-Ebay cs style front, side and rear lips
-Hella horns powrder coated Misty Midnight blue
-Debadged/ destickered
-Taillight tint
-5% rear windows tint
-white front turn signal bulbs
-3rd brake light w/ "SUBARU" cutout tint
-Seibon CWII carbon fiber hood
-white LED front parking lights
-Rally Armor Breast Cancer mudflaps
-DIY lower grill
-Moteki black opened ended lug nuts

-Duracon shift knob
-04 WRX black hazard button
-Center console painted black
-Subtle Solutions black hvac knob decals
-Custom armrest cover (post)
-Custom e-brake boot
-Custom shifter boot
-Pioneer AVHP-6800 indash 6dvd changer
-Carbon fiber center gauge pod
-Defi Control Unit
-Defi Boost
-Defi EGT
-Defi Oil Pressure
-Defi Fuel Pressure
-Defi Water temp
-AEM x-series wideband (replaced the Innovate Motorsports)
-Lotek triple gauge pod a-pillar
-All pillars and roof painted black

-Whiteline 27mm front swaybar set to full stiff
-Whiteline 24mm rear swaybar set to middle/3
-Whiteline front/rear spherical endlinks
-AST 4100 custom valved coilover struts
-Swift 7k front springs
-Swift 5k rear springs
-Vorshlag v2 front/rear camber plates
-Whiteline front/rear camber bolts
-JRracing front strut bar
-DBA T2 Street Series front/rear rotors
-Project Mu B-Force front/rear brake pads
-Goodridge SS brake front/rear lines
-H&R lowering springs

-Kartboy front/rear shifter bushings
-Kartboy short shifter
-Kartboy exhaust hangers
-Kartboy rear sub frame outrigger bushings
-Kartboy rear sub frame lock out bolts
-Super Pro cross member bushings
-Super Pro steering rack bushings
-ACT HD sprung 6 puck clutch
-ACT Streetlite flywheel
-Goodridge SS clutch line
-Clutch Masters FX850 twin disk street/race clutch and flywheel
-ACT HD fullface clutch disk
-TiC shifter pivot bushings
-TiC rear diff mount bushings
-Group N transmission mount (post # 114)
-Dunlop Direzza ZII Star Specs 245/40/17
--35psi F/R Daily
--40psi F/R racing
-Dunlop Direzza Z1 Star Specs 245/40/17

-Motul 10w40 engine break-in oil
-Royal Purple Max Gear 75w90 rear diff oil
-Motul RBF-600 brake fluid
-Motul Gear 300 tranny fluid
-Weight w/o driver: 3220 lbs
-Camber Front: -2*
Rear: -1.6*
-Dampening DD: Full soft f/r
Race: 6/12f / 8/12r from full still

Special Posts:
Jan 20 - New engine spins a bearing at 1100 miles
May 15 - Piston exploded after 5300 miles
6 Feb 15 - Force Fed dyno tune
5 Jan 15 - TiC pivot bushing install instructions and review
3 Jan 15 - Shift knob and Hella horn reviews
Motor ver. 3.0 break in procedures
23 Sept 14 - Rebuild complete, 1st start successful
6 June 14 - Spun bearing on dyno
27 Apr 14 - 2nd autox, 1st place
23 Mar 14 - 1st autoX, winning 1st in SM
5 Apr 13 - Alignment sheet
7 Oct 12 - Brake rotor, pads and fluid installed
27 May 12 - Evo/Subaru Nukeplant Photoshoot
1 Mar 12 - AST coilover review
19 Nov 10 - Cobb Dyno Video
27 Sep 10 - Cobb Built Motor Dyno Graph
30 May 10 - 1/4 Mile Track Day
18 Apr 10 - AWDTuning Stock Motor Dyno Graph
9 Mar 10 - Full Race turbo kit install: here and here
20 Dec 09 - KSTech TGV Deleting: here and here

Plans For This Year:
-Finish tune (scheduled!)
-Extended lug studs

Future Plans:
-DIY fender flares
-DIY Zerosports style rear window wing vortex generator
-Aero parts.

Eventually In Life:
-Syms replica Wing
-HKS style rear diffuser
-WRX black carpet/ doorcards
-Recaro Speed black racing seats
-Carbon fiber trunk
-Mishimoto oil cooler
-Mishimoto transmission cooler
-Koyo radiator
-Okada ignition amplifier and boots
-Whiteline A.L.K.
-Whiteline lateral links
-DSS axles
-DSS cf driveshaft
-Zerosports roofvane w/ vortex generators
-Hood pins


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Re: Armyssoldierboy's 06 STI

Now that's a ****pit

06 STI
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Re: Armyssoldierboy's 06 STI

hows the fitment on the seibon hood?
my buddy got it for his 07 rex from ebay and said that the corners had a gap...but i guess the 06's are different cuz it's perfect on mine.

a arse shot

LED parking lights (difference)


06 STI
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Re: Armyssoldierboy's 06 STI

my most recent engine bay pic

06 STI
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Re: 270hp/276tq Perrin, Magnaflow, Defi, Seibon, Act, H&R

Interior pics

all pillars are blacked out now and the wideband is in but not hooked up.

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Re: 270hp/276tq Perrin, Magnaflow, Defi, Seibon, Act, H&R

looks good to me, looks like another army soldier of mines cars...just different wheels :) best of luck!

06 STI
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Re: 270hp/276tq Perrin, Magnaflow, Defi, Seibon, Act, H&R

Kartboy front and rear shifter bushings were ordered and have arrived, will have to wait to get home on leave from Iraq in July to install them. Can't wait to feel the difference.

06 STI
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Re: 270hp/276tq Perrin, Magnaflow, Defi, Seibon, Act, H&R

P.E. 850's are in!!

06 STI
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Re: 270hp/276tq 06 STI

KSTech TGV delete kit is on it's way. DIY, here I come.

06 STI
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Re: 06 STI...ready for an ATP 3076R!!!

Well as funds become available after July (my RnR from Iraq) I will begin ordering these parts:

ATP 3076R

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Re: 06 STI...ready for an ATP 3076R!!!

nice car and parts man, thank's for serving :)

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Re: 06 STI...ready for an ATP 3076R!!!

Nice dice!

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Re: 06 STI...ready for an ATP 3076R!!!

nice car but arent your numbers pretty low for that set up, are you running a conservative tune... what psi were those numbers at

06 STI
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Re: 06 STI...ready for an ATP 3076R!!!

ya i've asked a few buddies (personal tuners) and they said that it seems like it was a tune for high compression or meth tune...cuz of my afr's, 12:1 all the way to redline. they said it needs to be more like 11-11.5, so my tuner could have easily turned the boost up a litte from 18.5 to say 21 and made over 300, not too sure why he didnt though :( here is a link to a discussion about it. (i kinda jacked the thread after people mentioned all the on-topic options) http://www.iwsti.com/forums/texas/147776-other-places-tune.html

06 STI
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Re: 06 STI...ready for an ATP 3076R!!!

Nice dice!
I honestly think they're ehhhh but they light up. i hard wired them to my under-dash blue neons so i have my interior blue at night (ricey i know, but im from cali, home of rice). im just not trying to overdue the rice effect on my baby.

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Re: 06 STI...ready for an ATP 3076R!!!

The Kartboy bushings make the shifter REALLY tight (especially during the first 1000 miles) ... shift is shorter, though ... you'll like it.

Nice setup -- you're running stock turbo on that FMIC?

And be safe in Iraq!
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