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We've had plans to do this for a while, but since the fender braces were out of stock we opted to wait to make this announcement. I'm happy to say that the braces are back in stock so we can now bring you our latest bundle - the Suicidal Squirrel.

These are available in both a sedan or wagon (or GC8) config. Both are the same price, and save you a nice chunk of change that you can put toward future mods.

Here's the description from our site:
Some of the nuttiest guys in Subarus around said:
So here's the deal - this past spring Tony and Clint got a chance to go down to the Dragon and meet up with bunch of the SE Nasioc crew (Hi guys!!).

They had a great time, but Clint did have one problem. See, one morning, Clint, and his sister-in-law's husband went out for a drive. The morning was beautiful, the roads were pretty empty, the sun was shining, and light was filtering through the trees in a heavenly image of automotive nirvana.

As Clint rounded a corner, the burbling sound of his boxer engine filling the air with a mellow, yet aggressive rumble, he saw movement out of the corner of his eye. It was a squirrel. A skinny, hungry, cute little fluffy squirrel. He ran into the opposing traffic lane and stopped. Clint was relieved. Then wouldn't you know it - that little squirrelbrained idiot ran RIGHT IN FRONT of Clint's left tire.

Well, the braking distance was too short, so Clint, with his autocross trained reflexes looked to the right. Trees. That was no good. He looked to his left - opposing traffic lane. Big no-no for the Dragon. He had no choice, but to go forward. The squirrel, in the most nutbrained decision of his life, DID NOT MOVE, and Clint had no choice, but to hit him.

Now for those of you that don't know Clint, he's a really good looking, and super nice guy. He felt really really bad about hitting that squirrel (he still does), and wondered why that squirrel would do anything so stupid as running out right in front of his 245/45's. All Clint could figure was that the stupid thing was commiting suicide.

Well, ol' Clint felt so bad about this that he decided then and there that the next TiC suspension bundle would be named for that squirrel. Thus, TiC brings you the Suicidal Squirrel.

Made up of two great products that work great together, this bundle is designed entirely to help control your front end, stiffen things up, and allow for much sharper response. With this package you get the following:

* TiC's awesome Giuyngmyo Fender Cowl Braces
* Kartboy's radical Front Endlinks

This makes for a great combo of stuff, and while it didn't save our squirrel, perhaps it will help save one that you may one day run across.
Here's the pics:

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