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TiC SST (AST) Coilovers with MSI Camber Plates and Rear Tophats - Full Assemblies

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Turn-in Concepts SST Coilovers - based off of AST 4100. Rebound-adjustable.

Comes with 8k/10k Front/Rear Swift Springs. Also comes with optional 8k rear springs. 60mm ID. Front springs are 8", rear springs are 9".

Assembled with MSI Street front Camber Plates and stock rear tophats.

These come with swift tender springs front and rear, with all necessary hardware (spring adapters and shims) included.

Coilovers were never on the car during winter, total ~15k miles with about 20 autocrosses. I run the coilovers in the soft-mid range of adjustment, and they still felt nice and firm (never felt the need to increase stiffness to account for wear).

One of the welds holding the brake-line bracket nut broke free, but it is still included (ziptie in picture). I've seen this happen on another set of ASTs - it's functionally not an issue at all; just need to keep track of the nut when installing/uninstalling.

Completely ready to be bolted in. No additional hardware needed. These come with a lifetime warranty from TiC/AST and can be sent to TiC for revalving at the cost $100/corner. TiC is one of the most responsive and customer-friendly vendors out there (which is one the main reasons I chose these coilovers).

These also include the rear adjustment extenders (not pictured). I never installed them because the rear adjustment knobs were easily accessible without them.

$1900 for everything, $1800 without the optional 8k rears. Local pick-up preferred, Harrisburg/Carlisle/York area.

UDPATE: Price lowered, $1600 but does not include rear tophats or extra springs.
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Free bump from a fellow autox'er. This is an awesome setup and a great price. glws!
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Clearing out the garage for BRZ parts... bump.
Still available. OBO - let's get these sold.
AutoX season is just around the corner...
Includes everything you need to bolt them in bump
Update - price lowered to $1600 but no longer includes rear tophats or extra rear springs. (need tophats for BRZ coilovers and will sell rear springs separately).
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