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the sales dude I was talking to about at new forester I am loking at for someother said too me " we will not get those till march next year" I looked at him puzzled thinking he was still talking forester -- but he thought I was talking about the STI/WRX -- I asked to clearify and yes they are expecting the model next year about that time listed as a 2004 model just like the forester was sold early this year instead of the normal sept or oct release times. this goes with what a friend I have that says subaru was really suprised at wrx sales by near 9000 units. they at the dealer see only 750 comming to stateside at 30000 to 32000 with several thousand in deal markups/bribes/ripoffs/payoffs/heavy stabs to wallet/ect so pray/save box tops help ols ladies across streets and get yours!!!!!
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