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Think they might announce STi at NY auto show?

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Just a hunch. I know most folks think they will announce later in the year. But it would be cool if they announced this week at the NY auto show. Subaru and Mitsubishi display areas are right next to each other...
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For what it's worth, I attended the NY Auto Show on Saturday, March 30, and spoke to two different Subaru representatives about the STi. The first man walking the floor said that around 3/4 of the people who asked him about the WRX also asked about the STi. His statement was that he expected the STi in about a year, and that it would feature 260-280 hp. No word about pricing.

The second person, a woman behind the desk, was more positive on the STi; she said that it would be here in a year, and likely would be unveiled at either the NY, Chicago, or Detroit auto shows. She said that she'd heard that the STi could range from 260 - 340 hp (!), but that she hadn't heard anything definite yet. Neither would say anything on possible pricing, but it did seem like there was a LOT of interest about the STi, and that Subaru had noticed.

In other news, Mitsubishi showed the European-spec Lancer Evo VII at its display, about 100 feet from Subaru's. Seemed like a warning shot to me.
My eyes almost popped out of my head when she said she'd heard rumors of 340 horsies; it sounded too good to be true (and it probably is).

I have no idea how they'd pull off 340 horsepower unless they decided to install a 2.5-liter turbo engine in the STi. I couldn't tell you how easy it would be to put in a turbocharged higher-displacement engine into the STi, but Cobb Tuning's website says it can produce 2.2-liter or 2.5-liter blocks for installation in current WRX'es, so it seems like it is technically possible (with what impact on long-term reliability, I don't know).

Although it would seem that jacking up the horsepower by increasing the displacement would cause the vehicle to fail emissions tests, there certainly are non-Subaru vehicles with 300+ horsepower and big engines that pass emissions tests; I'm not nearly familiar enough with emissions to speculate as to whether a 2.5 turbo STi could pass muster.

In my quite humble opinion, 340 horsepower is very unlikely; if Subaru wanted to deploy such a monster, I imagine it would be introduced in Japan before the U.S. I'll be satisfied with a 260-hp STi on sale a year from now.
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