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We are excited to be the newest dealer for Thermal Zero, a Turbo Blanket and Exhaust Heat Wrap manufacture here in Cincinnati OH. So excited, we wanted to pass some savings on to you from our first stock order!

The Group Buy Details:

This group buy will be active between now and 11:59 pm on Friday 2/20. To place your order simply PM us with your email address, shipping address, name, the color you want and the turbo you are putting it on so we can get you the right stuff.

We will email you a Paypal Invoice for payment. The blankets will ship the week following the end of the sale.


Red, Blue, Black, Silver and Grey: $55 Shipped!

Lava: $90 Shipped!

The List:

1. drizzt -IWSTI - Shipped
2. Binder - Local Cutomer - Picked Up
3. Ground Zero - IWSTI - Shipped
4. joesubierex - NASIOC - Shipped
5. Raven2510 - NASIOC - Shipped
6. refujiado - IWSTI - Shipped
7. current lurker - NASIOC - Shipped

8. INVN01 - NASIOC - Shipped
9. becauserallycar - IWSTI - Shipped
10. AKWRXHI - NASIOC - Shipped
11. STiEZY - IWSTI - Shipped
12. WRXMunkey - NASIOC - Shipped
13. joberk3 - NASIOC - Shipped
14. Cohen - NASIOC - Shipped

The Sales Pitch:

Thermal Zero was founded in 2006 to fill a demand for heat insulation products that were manufactured to a higher quality standard than all the rest. Their goal is to supply quality product that the average racer or enthusiast could afford without having to dig too deep down into their pockets.

All Thermal Zero blankets are designed, tested and manufactured in the USA at their Cincinnati, OH facility. Their products are currently running on applications that range from the average daily driver, to High Performance NHRA, NASA, IHRA, SCCA and Drift cars.

Their relatively new line of Subaru stock location blankets covers everything from a small TD04 to the larger Forced Performance, Blouch and ATP options.

The Standard blankets go above and beyond when it comes to heat tolerance and durability. The inner layer of the heat shield can handle over 2000°F. The shields are made of 1 inch thick ceramic insulation material and covered with a silicone based outer shell that is colored either Black, Red, Blue, Silver or Gray. Vibration and movement of the blanket on the turbo is inevitable, this causes many other blankets to breakdown as people find out when they try to take them off. Thermal Zero has created a more durable design by using a wire mesh inner layer that separates the insulation material from the turbocharger housing, greatly increasing durability and reducing breakdown that is commonly seen on other turbo blankets.

Thermal Zero's most popular and highest heat capacity blanket is their "Lava" line. The outer Lava jacketing layer (made of actual pulverized lava rock) can handle 3000°F direct heat making this their most heat resistant turbocharger blanket. We think it looks the best too!

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Sunday Bump,

We have already reached 5 people so we are actually going to send out invoices early (as orders come in) and we will ship these starting on Wednesday this week. The group buy will still run through Friday as stated int he first post.

If you are on the list, check your email for your invoice by the end of today and we will get your orders processed.

For everyone else, PM us if you wan in on this as this is now 100% a go! Thermal zero is local to us so if we run our of our stock we will have no problem getting your order our within a day!
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The list has been updated. First round will be shipping tomorrow.

Next round of invoices will go out after the first shipments. If we are missing anyone from the list please send us a PM
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This is the last call bump. Get your PM in by midnight to get in on this pricing!

Please double check the list, if you aren't on it then we missed your message, just send us a reminder.

The first batch has shipped, for those people who just paid invoices or are waiting on invoices we will get those wrapped up soon and your blankets will go out this coming week!

Thanks for everyone's orders!

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Group buy is over! Thanks to everyone that participated.

If you have not either paid or received an invoice yet then you probably aren't on the list.

If you thought you were supposed to be on the list and are not, we probably just missed your original message, Please PM us by the end of the say today so we can get it corrected!
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