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The one part we won't get on our STi: The Seats

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I have been asked the question on what part SOA will dump from the UK Spec and the Japanese Spec.

I bet it will be the seats. My prediction is that Subaru will take the current seats in our WRX, cover them in Alcantara and possibly leather bolsters, stitch the STi logo on them and call it good.

My reasoning:

1) Your normal buyer, even some "enthusiasts" don't want full out race seats in their car.

2) The STi seats don't have side airbags. Subaru = Safety in the minds of most US consumers, and subaru uses these in the current WRX to that end.

What do you think? Am I smoking crack here, or what?? :smile:

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Hmm.. I wonder if most americans will even fit in the JDM STi seats.
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