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This question was actually posed to me recently. I thought that I would answer it here also, as the first users of the site:

"If this site is all about STi rumors, what happens when the STi gets here? Will the site continue?"

Answer is ABSOLUTELY yes. :smile: Here are the plans:

--The site will become the PREMIER source of information on the STi. Forums will expand. It will be much like a i-club.com or rs25.com , but SPECIFICALLY for the WRX-STi.

--A owners registry will be realised (sp?). I am talking a database here. :smile:

--I am thinking of giving individual users webspace to show off thier cars. This would include pictures, a mod list, etc..

And lots of other stuff!! :grin:

I really wanted to answer this question for all, to convey to you what my LONG-TERM plans are.

SHORT-TERM I am redesigning the site, upgrading forum software and adding more information.

Also, I am looking into revenue sources that will enable me to make this site better and continue to run it.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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