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that rev knob on the guage, what does it do?

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what does it do? on the gauge picture, there is that knob labeled "rev" with a +/- on it.

does it;
A. act as a custmizable rev limiter?
B. reset the mileage? (probably not)
C. light up when you need to shift? (like a dummy clutch on those jeep wranglers)
D. adjust the turbo or something?
E. adjust the idle rev?

what does the +/- indicate? i don't see another hand on the tachometer so it doesn't seem to indicate with level the +/- is at.

if you don't know, state it. if you are certain what it is/does state it.

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Its just a programmable shift light WITH buzzer.

To adjust it...hmm I dunno, I could find out I suppose.
It does not reset after turning the car off...its only on or off and then you set the settings (rpm).
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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