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We are your one STOP brake shop! Everything from a street driven car, to a Track Warrior!

We have everything in stock, HAWK, DBA, Ferodo, Axis, and much more!


DBA Street Series.
Street series: DBA’s entry level enhanced performance rotor, offering improved braking straight out of the box at a hard-to-beat price. Available with slotting to improve pad bite and reduce brake fade and – in the Gold variant – with slotting and cross drilling for maximum cooling and an attractive, aggressive appearance. They are the perfect replacement for performance conscious street motorists.

DBA Subaru Impreza WRX 4000 Series.
DBA’s mid-series enhanced performance rotor features Thermal Stability Profiling for improved heat handling and Thermo-Graphic paint markings for effective heat monitoring. The 4000 slotted has a unique 6x6 Wiper Slot design for extreme stopping power on road and track. The 4000XS, with cross-drilling and slotting, is DBA’s premium one-piece rotor for street use. This rotor is lighter weight then the stock unit, and yet offers greater performance for hard street driving and occasional track days. Offered in Blank, Slotted, Cross Drilled, or the combination of both slotted and drilled.

DBA Subaru Impreza WRX 5000 Series.
With a two piece design and an AlumaliteTM centre hat, DBA’s 5000 is one of the finest rotors available anywhere and at any price. The 5000 series rotors are available in different configurations for road and track use, and with a variety of finishes to complement a great looking performance car. Yet, as with every DBA rotor, they bolt straight in with no mechanical changes needed. For the buyer that must have the best, the 5000 is the solution.


SportStop direct replacement rotors fit stock calipers. Drilling or slotting helps wipe away the debris that forms between the pad and the disc, adds more bite, and can help the rear brakes to match the aesthetics of a front Big Brake Kit. The rotor finish helps prevent glazing of the pads, and improves wet and dry braking performance. StopTech rotors have a durable black coating on the non-swept areas of the rotor to prevent unsightly corrosion. Quality is assured, as the rotors are manufactured to meet or exceed all OE specifications.



Hawk HPS Brake Pads
The Hawk HPS is a high-performance street pad with light-to-medium dust production, low noise, low rotor wear, and a similar MOT to Metal Master. NOT recommended for use on lapping days or for open track use.

Hawk HP+
Hawk HP+ is a pad with moderate dust production, moderate rotor wear, high initial bite, high average torque and a similar MOT to Hawk HPS. Great autocross pad.

Hawk HT10
Hawk HT-10 is a full race pad that has good modulation and release characteristics, which make it a great race pad for the "weekend warrior." You can expect moderate rotor wear, moderate dust production, a stable torque curve, above-average bite, and an MOT of 1,600°F. We recommend this pad for casual track use, as well as for the rear of club and professional race cars.

Hawk HT12, HT14 and other race pads available.


Ferodo DS2500
Ferodo DS2500 is a club race pad that can be used on the street and for light track use. This compound produces some noise on the street, but retains good cold friction, and has an MOT of around 1,000 degrees F. It also has 35% less compressibility than competitive products, giving it very good pedal feel and modulation characteristics. DS2500 has an average friction level of approximately (0.50) which remains constant at any speed, and at any temperature up to 1,000° F.

Ferodo DS3000
Ferodo DS3000 is a full race pad that offers a very high average (0.62) coefficient of friction, flat torque curve, and very good modulation characteristics. DS3000 is a race-only compound, and is NOT to be used on street applications.


Axxis Ultimates
Grueling testing under high and low speeds, extreme heat, freezing cold and dripping wet conditions confirm the superior performance of Axxis Metal Master brake pads. Axxis Metal Master brake pads exclusive premium compounds are tested continuously to insure they meet our exacting requirements. Axxis Metal Master brake pads - the best choice for leading European and Japanese touring and sport sedans.


Cobb Stainless Steel Brake Lines
We take no chance with your safety when constructing our D.O.T. Legal Brake Lines. To provide you the best Brake Line available for the Impreza, our Brake Lines are first covered with a braided Stainless Steel mesh to reduce the lines tendency to swell that is a common flaw with the stock rubber lines. This provides a more direct brake pedal feel and improved modulation of your braking effort. For durability, the lines are covered in a thick clear sheathing to keep them looking new for many years. Finally, and quite possibly the most important safety feature we have, every line is then pressure tested to 4500psi. While other line manufacturers accept “batch” testing of their lines to reduce costs, your safety is more important to us than saving a quick buck on shortcuts.

TechnaFit Brake Lines
Techna Fit brake lines are very high quality. They are stainless steel braided and feature a heavy duty clear rubber coating on the outside to prevent chaffing. These lines will help reduce pedal "squish" that can be found under hard braking conditions. These brake lines are made to MVSS-1006 specifications and are DOT certified

Brake Fluid

ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid
Developed for motorsports, the Super Blue brake fluid is perfect for your daily driven vehicle. With a boiling point of 536 deg. F, and a wet boiling point of 392 deg. F., the Super Blue has excellent resistance to boiling and thermal break down. Super Blue is a DOT 4 brake fluid and fully compatible with the factory’s brake system. Its distinguishable blue color also allows for easy fluid level checks and helps eliminate the chance of being mixed with another inferior brake fluid.

Motul RBF 600 Brake Fluid
Motul RBF 600 High Performance Brake Fluid, 593 degrees F dry and 420 degrees F wet boiling points, DOT 4, 500ml Bottle

Big Brake Kits!


Brembo Impreza / WRX Front Brake Kit 1435.20, This is the cheapest price around!:eek:
Impreza / WRX Front (Gold Calipers) 2002+ Replacement Brake Kit Rotors are 326x30 1-piece Design. 4 Piston Caliper Kit, same kit that comes stock on the US Market STI. Kit includes Rotor, Caliper, Lines, Pads, and all other hardware/brackets needed for install.

Brembo Impreza / WRX Rear Brake Kit 1627.20
Impreza / WRX Rear (Gold Calipers) 2002+ Replacement Brake Kit Rotors are 316x20 1-piece Design. 2 Piston Caliper Kit, same kit that comes stock on the US Market STI. Kit includes Rotor, Caliper, Lines, Pads, and all other hardware/brackets needed for install. This kit will bolt up directly to your stock hubs with out any modification. Unlike the OEM STi rear Brembo brakes.


Brembo Gran Turismo Brake Kit 2-Piece Slotted
The next performance level, Gran Turismo, is comprised of both 1 or 2-piece vented rotors that are 12 to 14 inch cross-drilled and/or slotted. In the 2-piece system, billet aluminum hats are application specific and have been individually machined to engineering specifications.
The marriage of these pieces create a "floating disc" which reduces heat related stress and improves brake performance and pedal feel. The Gran Turismo system may be available with your choice of black, red or silver calipers. Available with 328mm or 332mm Rotors.

Brembo GTR Big Brake Kit "Big Boy Kit"
Brembo brings the culmination of over 150 racing world championships to the street and the track with the GTR high performance braking system. Designed specifically for sophisticated sports cars and sports sedans that can spend weekdays on the road and weekends at the track, the GTR system offers the pinnacle of Brembo’s race technology; this is the closest product package there is to what championship race teams use to win. The GTR system provides the benefits of a true racing brake system with the durability and low maintenance of a street braking system.

• Brembo forged monoblock 4, 6, or 8 piston racing calipers with sequentially sized pistons are lighter weight and have a slimmer profile
• Brembo ventilated titanium piston inserts are used to form an additional heat barrier
• Brembo two piece “floating” hat and rotor assemblies reduce unsprung weight and dissipate heat faster
• Brembo slotted and directionally vented two piece rotors up to 15” (380mm)
• DOT and TUV certified Goodridge stainless steel braided brake lines; are
guaranteed for life
• Brembo high performance brake pads; up to 4 per caliper; available in street
or race compounds
• Brembo “floating” anti-rattle rotor hardware developed by Brembo for the McLaren F1 road car
• Brembo billet aluminum brackets with aircraft quality hardware that is application specific
Brembo brake systems are fully compatible with ABS and traction control systems. All of the necessary hardware is included to insure seamless installation.


StopTech Big Brake Kit
StopTech front wheel Big Brake Upgrade for the 2002-2005 Subaru Impreza WRX kit includes ST-40 4-piston front calipers painted red, black, or silver, 7075-T6 billet aluminum caliper mounting brackets, 328x28mm slotted, floating, front AeroRotors, 7075-T6 billet aluminum AeroHats with directional standoffs, StopTech SS (DOT compliant) front brake lines, and Axxis Ultimate front brake pads.

AP Brakes

AP Racing Big Brake Kit
AP racing 4-Piston Two-Piece Big Brake upgrade has been developed to be the ultimate performance brake upgrade. All kits are designed to perform with the factory OE master cylinder and are ABS compatible. Each kit includes world famous AP Racing 4-Piston Aluminum Alloy Calipers with AP Racing performance 13? Cross-Drilled and Slotted Rotors. The rotors are two piece curved vane for maximum cooling and mounted on 6061 T6 aluminum hats. Also included is 6061 T6 Aluminum mounting brackets with steel inserts for added strength, DOT Tested Stainless Steel Brake Lines, and all the necessary Aerospace Grade hardware to install the kit.


Cobb 332mmx32mm Big Brake Kit Front
Designed to directly replace the factory brake system, these are a must for any aggressively driven street or racing vehicle. Our new front kit features proven 4-piston aluminum calipers, specifically calibrated to our specs by the brake component manufacturing experts at Stoptech, wrapped around huge 332mm x 32mm 2-piece rotors.

This kit include lightweight aluminum 4-piston calipers, huge 332mm x 32mm 2-piece front brake rotors, matched front brake pads and stainless steel front brake lines.

We are also able to get any other parts that you guys are interested in, give us a call and we will get those ordered.

All orders of over 200.00 will recive free shipping in the lower 48 states, with shipping insurance and tracking number the day the parts leave.

If you guys have any questions, give me a call at 801-748-4910 ext 1006 and I will help you out.

801-748-4910 ext 1006
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