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I'll be listing other exciting new products from TR1 as they become available.

Check this out:

The T1R Voltage Stabilizer regulates the voltage of the car's electrical
system, providing constant voltage at all times. Normally the electrical
system's voltage will fluctuate under acceleration resulting in power loss
and rough power delivery. The Voltage Stabilizer eliminates this voltage
fluctuation, providing a constant voltage, thereby smoothening power
delivery and optimizing power. Low RPM performance is improved
noticeably, with improved response, acceleration, and smoothness.
Fuel economy is also improved, especially for city driving conditions.
Dyno proven 3-5 hp gains.

These are easy to install, good bang for the buck (dyno proven, cheap power),
and look neat, and most of all, it will fit just about any car that that has a battery on it!

Not a grounding kit!

$125 - shipped. CA + tax.

please specify color when ordering.

paypal: [email protected]

ph: 408-306-8383


This dyno graph is of the T1R voltage stabilizer, on a EK Civic with
a B18C engine. You can see the power gain all through the power band.
Although its not huge power, but you know, $100 for 3whp all through the
band! Cheap good and useable power. :mgriggn:

GUYs, Here is a little DIY I put together:

1) Find a nice place to put the cool new T1R Voltage Regulator

2) Using a bit a 2x side tape, I found that it fit perfectly on the side of the battery.

3) Easy as apple pie, just use a few zip ties to tighten up the wires and wallah!!

4) The unit comes with an on/off button. The blue LED is lit when on.

I noticed smoother excelleration right after the install!

In stock now so order away!!!!
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