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t-shirts, revisited

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picking up a dead thread...


at the time, i received the wise advise to hold off until the car is released. well, they're here. is there still interest? to summarize, here are the designs we came up with last time.






if anyone wants to contribute some designs, please do so soon. i want to be sporting a www.imprezawrxsti.com t-shirt when i take delivery in my car. :)
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I like the first one, the third one, and the 5th one, which is my vote right now. They all look great. :D I've added a poll, vote and lets pick a favorite and get these babies made. :) Submit more designs if you have them as well..

I just want to be careful with trademark issues...
Oh yeah, and if we do these I do my best to make SURE that they come in all sizes people could want. I am a "bigger boned" type of guy, and I know how much it sucks when people only make one size and you can't wear it..
Once we get more designs, I will put up an official poll. Keep em coming, I like all of them so far. :)
That's a thought. :)
1 - 4 of 42 Posts
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