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Hello all. I'm quite new here as I've been mostly on RS25 and NAzicock in the past.
Anywho, I normally don't post build threads as I normally have no time in doing such thing since work and life always attack me from all angles....
But since I haven't really started this build yet I'll explain to you what's going on (and what will be going on here on out)

So 3 years ago I bought a 1999 2.5rs coupe.​

It was the car I've always wanted since I was a young guppie.
Long story short it was totaled 2 months after from a stop sign runner.​

After I received money from insurance, I decided to pursue on a path I've always wanted to do and that was to build a car...
First I bought the motor. Spent all my money on the motor which came with a V6 RA transmission.
Then I found a GC shell across town that was semi decent but I didn't really care about the looks (nor did I notice how rotten everything was underneath)...​

To shorten the story up, a year and a half later it was complete and on the road.
During the first 3 months of ownership I went through 3 differentials and 2 transmissions.
I then realized the slushbox tranny's and the R160's wouldn't do much justice with this car.
So I found me a good deal on a spec c setup with a gravel rear end.
Installed it; then found myself with a big smile on my face... Fast forward a bit.
Winter is just getting to an end and I get into a big depression realizing my car needs a lot of cosmetic work.
Lots of body rot. rad support damage. the list goes on.... So I parked it and only drive around the block every Sunday to keep it happy...

Well, it's been since March since it's been causing trouble on the streets and now I have a different chassis to put it in...
Meet my 01 Forester S LTD.​

Owned by some old man who owned it since day 1!
Being almost 15 years old there was some rust which I attacked to keep it from spreading.
I replaced the barely existing bumper beam with a used one and sprayed rubber guard all around it and surrounding areas.

Started getting ready with the rear subframe from an S204.
Fun fact: The S20X series subframes are built stronger and reinforced more so less flex.

My friend had something to say about the paper subframe we pulled out.

Couple videos of previous car.
Subaru Street Pull
Power Sliding
Snowy Day
New Headers
<adding more later>
<transplant starting on the 17th of Oct.>​


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