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Admin note:
With the introduction of the 2008 model came a totally redesigned body style. For those not familiar with Subaru, the previous 2004-2007 generation is referenced by the GD chassis code while the 2008+ generation is referenced by the GR chassis code.

Please visit the original How-To Catalog for other useful install tips/tricks/services that may cover all model years.

This is a collection of GR specific (or applicable) How-To threads.

Please reply to this thread if you create or find a how-to thread that is specific to the GR 08+ (or of course is directly applicable). Mods also feel free to edit as needed. I'll do my best to keep it up to date.

SUBARU Issued Instructions Page

Kart Boy Short Shift
TiC Pivot Bushing *Additional pictures for KB SS install*
Kart Boy Front Shift Bushing *not GR, but nearly identical. just remove heat shield*
Kart Boy Rear Shift Bushing *not GR, but nearly identical. just remove heat shield*
Whiteline Rear Differential Bushings
Whiteline Rear Subframe Bushings
Kart Boy Rear Subframe Bushings
Pitch Stop
White Line Steering Rack Bushings
TiC Tranny Crossmember bushings

Remove the plastic engine bay gaurd & install a FilterMag
HKS Axle Back
Remove Intercooler
Fuel Pump
Turbo inlet install
Crawford Performance Air/Oil Separator How-To Install **Video** (printable instructions)
TBE Removal / Install
Intake Removal / Install

RCE (RaceComp Engineering) Regular Guy Springs How-To Install **Video**
Whiteline Sway Bar How-To Install **Video**
Whiteline Front Lower Subframe Brace
Whiteline Front Swaybar
Whiteline Rear Endlinks
Perrin: Front Swaybar install
Perrin: Front Endlinks
Perrin: Rear Swaybar
Perrin: Rear Endlinks
Front Sway Bar Install Video
Big Brake Kit
Cusco Front Strut Brace
Cusco Rear "Strut" Shock Brace
Cusco Zero 2E With Econ
Coilovers install

JDM Steering Wheel
Front bumper removal (for grill replacement, horn install, etc.)
Headlight Clearing / Angel Eyes
Headlight Adjustment
Valentine 1
Valentine Remote Display
Radiator Shroud
Rally Armor Flaps Front
Rally Armor Flaps Rear
Taillight Overlays
DIY Lower grills
Wiring Info
Lamp / Bulb replacement guide
Shift boot and brake removal / install
Crawford CF Hood
iPod integration factory nav
Remove Steering Wheel

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Re: 08+ GR How-To Catalog

awesome -- I just spent part of yesterday searching to find some of these for an upcoming short shifter install

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Re: the White Line Steering Rack Bushes: I have just installed these and intially tried to fit them while the car was on ramps. With the car on ramps I could not get enough space between the steering rack and the mounts to remove/fit the main bushes due to the rack being loaded by the wheels (right hand side was the main issue). Ended up raising the car on stands instead, which allowed more movement in the rack (wheels are then hanging free) and therefore more space can be found between the rack and mounts. Hope this saves sometime for others, or maybe it was just something that affected me. Once this was sorted the install was straight forward.
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