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Subaru only event at Texas motor speedway

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Hey all I found this on the Cobb tuning site.

Get your Subaru out to Texas Motor Speedway for some track time. It is a Subaru only one day event scheduled for June 22nd. All Subarus will be divided into several classes for all sorts of modified vehicles, from stock to over-the-top modified cars. There is a minimum of 6 runs in the day with the chance for 11!!! You get 2 runs in the morning, then there will be a "halftime" where lunch will be provided by Subaru of America, and then 4 final runs. The best run of the first 6 will count towards class ranking and your seed within the elimination rounds. The top 32 entrants, based on their best run will be qualified for the 5 round, single elimination Subaru Super Challenge, this will be setup in a bracket format. All racers will be judged upon the 2003 PAX/RTP Index as published in the North American Pylon. Prizes will be awarded to all class finalists as well as the top 3 racers from the Championship

Water and beverages will be provided throughout the event by Subaru of America.

There will also be a 2004 US Spec STi on display and you may get to see it tear up the track for a “test run”.

Here is the site for info and registration:
Since it's late in June one or more of us may have our STi to enter. That would be Awesome!!! What do you all think?


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ohhhhh sweeeeeet. that's 20 min. away from my house! HELL YEAH! too bad it's not till june... :cry:
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