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Subaru Meet in Roland Heights, CA

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Well I figured I'd put something up...I found out about this meet from NASIOC a couple months back, they meet behind the 99 Ranch Market in Roland Heights, off the Fullerton exit of the 60 FWY. Sunday nights at 7pm.
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Sure, let me know. It would be good to meet up with you again and maybe ride in your ride? I'm usually out that way Sunday nights, but I've only gone once since I didn't know anyone.
ScoobyDo - hehe then can I drive? :wink:

Tb311 - you bringing your new STi? Then I'll probably stop by :)
Cool...I'll also bring my STi...cap :lol:
Good to have met you and your new baby Tb311! Too bad those ce28's didn't fit...but we did get a nice view of those brakes and shocks! Mind if I post the pic once I get my computer to recognize my camera?
I finally got my computer to recognize my camera...turns out the USB port was disabled!

Anyway, here's the first 3:

(looks like the wing is the same one from this thread here)


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Yeah I know. My computer crashed and I was running on the backup drive for over a month. The crash must've disabled the USB ports, because when I reloaded the primary it still didn't recognize the camera. I just figured it out yesterday and enabled the ports :roll: :-? :oops:
Hey who's going out to HIN on Aug 30? I wanna check out some of the rides out there...Tb311, you gonna go? Also, I'll probably be going to this Roland Heights meet that Sunday, right before Labor Day. Hope to see you then!
Is there a meet on Dec 28?
1 - 9 of 19 Posts
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