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how bout this commercial for the SRT-10 truck

A long long time ago, Subaru and Mitsubishi both said they would release their performance cars in the US. The STI was expected in at about 261HP and so Mitsu released the EVO with 271. They actually owned the HP market for 3 days until Subaru released the STI at 300 as we all know. I am betting Mitsu didn't take kindly to this. I'm expecting them to add some HP to the EVO for the 2005 model year. My thought - how is Subaru going to counter that?

So that brings me to the real question - what is everyone's forecast for the next couple years for both the STI, and Subaru as a whole.

According to the timeline, the big news for 2004 is expected to be a Legacy GT Turbo.

2005 looks to be a little more active year. Again according to the timeline, we get a whole new Impreza and a new "SGX Multi-passenger SUW." My interest is obviously with the STI class of this new Impreza. Do you think the USDM will see a turbo on the H6? A coupe? Maybe a wing-delete option? How about a type RA Spec C version of the STI?

So what is your forecast for Subaru and the Impreza? Is there anyone that has inside information? Worm - maybe you would care to speculate a bit?
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