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Stupid Super Street Article

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Super Street has an article this month claiming the STi was coming over. They noted the exterior changes, but showing their infinite wisdom in automobiles....here's the following sentence.

"Along with the larger headlamps and meaner looking air scoop, this STi will definitely give the EVO a run for it's money. Inside, a small-diameter steering wheel was designed for ease of operation during driving."

I can't count the times I've blamed losing races on my steering wheel!


" The 2.0L.......engine has also been improved by changing the shape of the intercooler water spray nozzle and the air baffle plate inside the air scoop."

Oh yeah......watch out EVO....here we come with our new nozzle!!!!!

And finally..the icing on the cake

"For those who want to buy this STi in a color other than the well-liked Blue Pearl, a new bright red has been added to the available selections."

Blue what????? And red huh....wow.....speechless
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God bless Super Street :p hahaha
Speaking of Speed Vision, they need to ditch that new announcer for WRC.
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