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My wife is pregnant AGAIN..bye bye... sti

The forum formerly known as "STi Stuff For Sale" has been moved to STi marketplace for orginizational reasons. It is now called "STi Private Classifieds", which is a name that is more in line with it's future purpose. The forum can be accessed by clicking below:


The rules of this forum are below, and in the forum for your reference. By posting in the forum, you indicate you have read and agree to abide by them:

This forum is for Private Classifieds for parts and accessories for our STi's and other Subaru’s. Please read this post in full if you intend to participate either as a buyer or seller in this forum. THESE RULES/REGULATIONS ARE EVOLVING AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME WITHOUT NOTICE.

Any questions about this forum or problems can be emailed to [email protected]

1) Users posting a classified here must be private users and not acting as an agent for a vendor or any other way on a vendor's behalf. If you are a vendor or an agent of a vendor, please contact [email protected] for information on site sponsorship and advertising.

2) Any classifieds found to be fraudulent, or those that receive complaints may be removed from the site by the site admins/moderators at any time. In addition, any users who make such posts may be banned from the site without notice. Any complaints may be made Via PM to JJ or emailed to [email protected]

3) Posts here are to be made for private sales on parts, accessories, or cars only, and replies to posts should be directly related to the classified ad described in the post. Please remember this, and post in the correct forum. The Site Admins/Moderators may Move or Delete posts or threads at any time that they deem as not being part of a classified ad.

4) ImprezaWRXSTi.Com has no responsibility for any classified ad posted here. While we hope that all classifieds that are posted here are reliable and trustworthy, the buyer should check the deal out and who they are dealing with themselves BEFORE sending any money.
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