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Hello everyone.

So had something very odd happen this morning. I went to go to work and as soon as I turned on my car it therw a CEL and went into limp mode. I immediacy shut it off and checked the code with my access port. It was P0126 Insufficient coolent temp for stable operation. I then checked my coolent temp and it was only at 100 F (I use a block heater). Also my dash temp guage was maxed and my fans were on like it was overheating.

I reset the ECU and the problem went away and I made it to work without issue. I have no idea why the dash temp guage was so off and freaking out.

Anyone else have any ideas what it could havebeen or see this before? I'm wondering if it was a computer error or even a guage error that caused the coolent temp guege to peg at max even though the coolent temp sensor said that it was fine.
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