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It would be nice to have a verified weight for the US STi wheels and tires.

13.0 lbs 17x7.5 SSR Competition
15.7 lbs 17x7.5 STi RS-Zero
19.8 lbs 17x7.5 Impreza MY/00/01 WRX STi
15.3 lbs 17x8.5 SSR Competition
17.0 lbs 17x8.5 Kenesis K5
17.5 lbs 17x8.5 Fikse FM-5
15.0 lbs 18x8.0 SSR Competition
20.8 lbs 18x8.0 Fike FM-10

I wonder if the 17x8.5 (+48 offset) BBS wheels from the 22B fit on the US STi, how much they weigh, and if they are available. Supposedly part number S075580020. They look real nice.
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