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Re: any concerns about buying the first model year?

First, thanks so much for a great resource on the STI. I just stumbled on this site recently after puting down 1K on a blue/gold STI. I love all the buzz. I test drove the standard WRX to get a feel for build quality and such. Wow, that thing is quick at 227 HP and unflappable in the corners. I can only imagine what 300 lb/ft of twist is gonna feel like!! ANYWAY, the point I wanted to make is that I haven't come across a dealer on Long Island that IS charging a markup. I guess word spread among the dealers here and they are afraid of charging any markup. I had my pick of 3 dealers, all willing to charge MSRP. It then came down to who had the best incentives to make me buy there. Free oil changes, P/U and Delivery of car for service, etc. My dealer said 6 weeks for delivery, btw.
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