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STis in Hawaii means.............

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They will soon be here!!! :D :D :D

So as you all probably know the STi hit Hawaii over the weekend. Sooo this means ?? I'm guessing 7-10 days to a port on the west coast! Perhaps a few more days for distribution, so maybe in two weeks :eek: or so we will have the STi!!! :D :D :D

What do you all think?
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Well, from my understanding from the GM of the major Subaru dealership here is that he has already placed orders well into the summer. He is hoping that the orders are placed (roughly about 6 STi's per month).
StuBrown said:
Hey - thanks for the feedback Ditchanger.....any chance you'd care to whet our appetites with some 1sthand feedback/impressions? I'm needing to live vicariously seeing how mine's still weeks and weeks away! I was just thinking if they were arriving in your home state that readily we might be in better shape than originally thought....wish that translated to concrete knowledge though!
Well, I have posted my impressions on the first time I drove the STi in this forum...just look here for info. I wzs personally tryng to decide on whether to get a G35 or the STi...I think that first drive made me choose the STi. Like I said in the short review, the car is unmistakingly Subaru, but it sure does haul butt and handles just as good as my '99 RS with full adjustable suspension. I just have to wait until I sell my car to get one...and by the way...from what I gathered from the GM of the dealership I went to, the people who pre-ordered their cars got the colors they wanted...they even had a chance to change the colors.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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