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STI wagon?

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I've been asking around for the information on if Subaru will build STI wagon or not. Desiree at Frank's Irvine Subaru in CA. She said "no wagon in the STi I can promise you that". That is pretty confident.

I've emailed SOA and they just said there is no plan on STI wagon as of yet. I personally emailed PR person at SOA aobut it. And I haven't heard back from her yet.

I know that there was a plan of building STI wagon before the WRX got a facelift treatment. Did that plan just disappear with the new face?

Subaru didnt' expect to sell a lot of wagon here in US. Actually, the sales number for the wagon was a somewhat of surprise for them, because it went way beyond their expectations.

So, what is going on here? were they pressing against time to come up with the wagon version? Or are they testing the US market with the facelifted WRXs to be in the safe water?

If anyone knows anything about if there is a plan to build STI wagon, please let me know!!
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35k is not the right price!!

My guess is that they didn't drop it, but rather just postponed it. I wouldn't be surprised if they brought the STi wagon over in a subsequent model year...who knows? Maybe they'll make a surprise announcement for this year!
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