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STi vs EVO

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Ok now that Evo is coming out soon I just wanted to know what are some of the advangages the STi has over the EVO and vice versa. Me and my friend are talking about which one is better and I need some ammunition to defend the STi. I know that the EVO is a good car and im not disrespecting it but i just want to prove my friend wrong :wink: . So far my friend has the upper hand because he says that EVO has the AYC and the electronic diff so it has better traction control then the STi. I know the the STi has a lower center of gravity but that doesnt compare. Can you guys help me?
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Just ask him why Mitsu would need to have a 0 down/0 payments/0 interest deal going if they had cars that people wanted to buy on their own. Mitsu has had some serious quality control issues and class action suits against them. Also, ask him why Mitsu is pulling out of the WRC if the Lancer Evo is so good.


1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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