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STi vs EVO

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Ok now that Evo is coming out soon I just wanted to know what are some of the advangages the STi has over the EVO and vice versa. Me and my friend are talking about which one is better and I need some ammunition to defend the STi. I know that the EVO is a good car and im not disrespecting it but i just want to prove my friend wrong :wink: . So far my friend has the upper hand because he says that EVO has the AYC and the electronic diff so it has better traction control then the STi. I know the the STi has a lower center of gravity but that doesnt compare. Can you guys help me?
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Mitsu was doing the 0/0/0 thing WAY before the economy hit the skids...
You stole the words out of my mouth.

Mitsu is less quality than Subaru..period. Anyone can make a fast car..look at the new Dodge SRT-4..would I buy it..no.

Historically the Evo has been more raw compared to the STi, whereas the STi has been more "liveable" with on the streets. Typically the Evos have been a bit lighter weight and more frantic. Past models of the Evo have beaten the STi in handling b/c of the active differentials and electronic gizmos to put it ahead of the mechanical bits on the STi. You can tell your friend that now that the Evo won't have those in the US..the STi is gonna be a better bet ANYDAY!!!

OH yeah..personally the Evo7 versus the STi7..I would take the STi7 anyday. Mitsu was having problems in WRC b/c they made the Evo7 too long, too populace oriented and not extreme enough like past Evos..ie; 5 and 6.
Personally I would rather have the mechanical diffs over the electronically controlled ones for reliability reasons anyday.

For the average user, or even 99% of the users buying either the STi or Evo, they are the same car. None of us are going to be able to use the cars to their 100% capability. If you do, you are either an awesome driver (not straight lines, but a track) or you are gonna kill yourself.
MSRP for an STI- only if you're lucky

I agree, not too metion Mitsu doesn't have any following, besides those who have heard of the Evo from video games or friends. The STi has a following built on people who already own a WRX.

I wont even go with the reliability that most people see in Mitsubishi..or lack thereof!
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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