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STi Titanium Shift Knob Group Buy

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Hey everyone I just wanted to find out if any of you STi owners wanted to get a group buy going for the STi titanium shift knob from Japan. I just wana see how many people are interested so I can get a group buy going. Heres a pic of the shift knob and I usually goes for around $110-120 but I think if I can get enough people I can get it for cheaper.


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I got one already. It is very sweet. It also comes with 4 "collar band" stickers and a plastic gear shft pattern to stick on top{I did NOT}.

You will like it. Much better than the stock{IMHO}.
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mg5904 said:
Nice piece, but wear gloves while shifting in the summer. Metal shifters heat up.
This shifter does not heat up. Titanium is always pretty cool to the touch. It is nothing like a metal shift knob.
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ha-evolution said:
Japanparts - hmmm let me take a stab at it. Shift knob $80 + $80 shipping = $160.
Japanparts lists it at $107.21 and the freight for me was $22.74{Total 16,000 Yen or 129.95}. It came in an envelope in a week.

It was worth it{for me anyway}.
1 - 3 of 34 Posts
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