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STi Seats

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Does anyone know if there is a color option on the seats that come in the STi? I know we may not get the same ones as they have in Europe and Japan, but if we do, can we get them in all black instead of having the blue and black?
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Worm posted the only seats for the STi are the two toners, blue and black.

"alfredob1 - All colors get the same interior - black/blue"
On 2002-04-09 04:00, TiTaNiuM sAMuRai wrote:
Fabric dye ain't that expensive...
Good point. :smile:
That alcantera is like 75 per yard, I dont think id try to die it. Just my .02 cents.

That's a good point; messing it up would suck big-time. However, there are dyes made specifically for suede.
Yeah but you'll have to mess with the door panels and rear seats also.....I'd live with it. personally I love the blue. Its a shame that I probably won't be able to wait long enough to get a sti. unless it is announced at rim of the world.
I hope they do announce it at rim of the world. Then I can lay down my down payment on my STI :smile:

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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