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I have just got in touch with the local Subaru dealership by me and asked about any STi lists they might be starting. The salesman told me he'd put me on if I gave him a deposit. Interesting thing is he was quoted saying that the "...STi car is just over a year off."This confirms the early 2003 release date many of you have been talking about but he also says, "More details should be available in October 2002." This mentions the date which many people have been saying could be another possible release date. I think that the 2003 date is correct and people have been confusing October 2002 for when Subaru is releasing the STi in the U.S. instead of when Subaru "unveils" the U.S. STi.

BTW: Even though this guy is a salesman and some of you have made your opinions open about how knowledgeable you think they are, I trust this guy, his name is Chris Fleming and he races WRX's and stuff. In fact, he was the driver for Cobb Tuning's WRX which made it to the SCCA Nationals and did very well.
Cobb's website is http://www.cobbtuning.com

That's my two cents.
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