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I have had a lot of Subies

06 WRX VF39, (lease, gone)
02 WRX sedan, stock (I wrecked)
02 WRX wagon, stage 2 (sold)
05 STi - FP green, [email protected], coilovers, sways, etc (I wrecked and all parts put into #2)
05 Legacy GT wagon VF52 (deer hit, totaled)
05 STi #2 - a bare shell, all parts from #1 swapped in, (wrecked into by an Accord while parked! :censored: )

and my current beast...

A 99 Outback Limited in great shape... $600 deal + headgasket job = reliable backup

So here is my quandary:

I can't decide what to put my energy/effort/cash into next.

I was addicted to that 05 STi, as it was incredible. A twin disc clutch, forged pistons, cobb short throw + sway bars, tein flex coils, GT Spec sub-frame brace, a huge FMIC from APS, a bunch of other mods including MAP conversion, and 400 whp on the dyno. :eek::eek::eek: :D

Sadly I was too tired to be driving once and went off the road... resulting in it being wrecked. No one else was involved... but I didn't have full coverage, so I bought a stripped down shell and had ALL my parts swapped... it took quite a bit to get the car right, but I accomplished it, and drove it for a couple years.

Now some dumb person crashed their Accord into that STi -IN MY DRIVEWAY-
Literally 3 days after I moved into my new place.

Luckily they had insurance coverage and were clearly at fault, as they went away in a police car for possession...

In any case, I am getting a decent pay-out from the insurance co. I am in the process of submitting receipts for the new engine and all the parts to try and up the pay-off. They offered me $12,900 with the mileage of 140k on the shell.

Does that sound right? I live in Western North Carolina, for reference.

In any case, I want another FUN car... no offense to the Outback, but it's a little dated...

So here is my dilemma:

I want it to be just as agile, fast, and fun as my 05 STi with all the mods.
However I would also love to be able to sleep in it with my lady friend while camping, maybe do a little off-road, go on Colorado adventures, or road trips out West...

I loved that I could sleep in my 05 LGT Wagon, and did for many nights with my gf, but it was kind of... rotund compared to the STi.

So, here are my thoughts:

I could buy the STi back from the insurance co and have the entire 6spd drive-train swapped into another car, like an Outback XT (5MT).

I would likely need some new suspension gear, but that is a good thing, probably...

My only issue is that I am afraid I will not like the handling of the OBXT, even after modification. I can *really* drive, including heel-toe rev-match downshift. I turn in and power out. I've been snow drifting since I was 17. I live near mountain roads and I very much enjoy the agility of the STi in every day life.

I recently saw a modded ~500 hp 2010 STi for sale, but the owner no longer wants to sell. I could find another car like that one, eventually. I like that the 2010 was a wagon STi.

However, would a 2010 STi be big enough to sleep in? I'm about 5'10" and my gf is about 5'6". Neither of us is very large, and sleep OK in the Outback, but it's cramped with our stuff.

What about a roof-top camping solution?

Could I do a hatchback STi with a roof-top camper? Can you get an STi with a sunroof and still have a roof-rack for a rooftop tent? What about a back-end tent?

Some friends are telling me to just get a WRX body, swap all my STi stuff into it, and buy a Toyota Tacoma for camping...

Someone help, because I'm kind of at my wits end :lol:
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