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Sti on Edmunds

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It may not be new but in case you haven't seen it...

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91TB78 said:
If it comes atleast like the Euro STi then I don't mind..:D
he did say that guys, comeon now....

mmm im getting my 350Z for 28,800. WITH bi-HiDs! a very nice STi alternative for those who need a car now. and IMO a tad more stylish.
G35 coupe??? i hope you mean coupe, i was refering to the coupe. it is a 2+2 version of the Z. but i hate the old feel of infiniti interiors. and what the hell did they do to the G35s (sedan and coupe) rearend??? its very akin to a loading dock at a warehouse.... look at the Z and the maxima (and the base model is the GXE not the GLE)... both are notably stylish. not the loading dock format ala infiniti.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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