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4MLA1FN said:
Hummer said:
It is a Defi pod with Omori "STi Look" red illumination.
dood, you've gotta give us more info on that. i'm eager to replace that silly clock with a cluster but was holding out for red backlight. i'd appreciate any link. better yet, how about a post in "sti interior"? thanks.
Here is the link from which I picked up these gauges.

It is a defi pod painted by the vendor{Jspec}AEM Ford smoke. It is a very close match. They are Omori gauges. I highly recommend Jspec. I think the gauges are back ordered until mid August.

Daylight picture

Night picture

My shop wired it to keep the back lights on all of the time.

EDIT: Quiybo and Hummer are the same user. :D
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