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I have some experience in this area.

I had to get insurance on my WRX before March 16, 2001 when it arrived. If they need to, they will ask you questions about the car and have their underwriters take a look at it. Once more info on the car is available rates might change.

So, initially, the insurance will be the WRX rates, plus a small differential because the STi costs more. After more info is available on the STi rates will change. They will most likely go up.

To JJ: I cannot stress enough how much you have to be 100% up front with your insurance company, even though you know its going to hurt your rates. Too many people forget to tell their insurance company about their turbo, their new tires, their exhaust, their non-factory ECU. One of two things happens when they get into a wreck:

1) The insurance company covers stuff, but they don't pay for replacing your modded stuff, because they didn't know about it and it wasn't in your policy
2) The claims adjuster denies coverage outright: "This is not a 2.5RS, we had a policy for 2.5RS. You lied to us, and we're not paying a cent"

Happy insuring!
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