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STi in SOFLA(South Florida)

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Great Pictures Love the (Black STI) can't wait!!!!

Hello before anything,

Here things are not different all 3 dealers in the area have the car at 35k. And I try dealing with one dealer to see if I can get them to accept for me to get the car at MSRP and no luck I visited the dealer several times and spoke to the manager and got no where.

I can't blame the salesman, but his manager was saying that they were instructed to sell it at 35k. They said the first car was purchased at 38k with a trade in from a BMW M3. And the second one was baught at 35k.

It is sad that people would pay that much but they are. It is hard to comepete against people here so I am going to have to go out of state to purchase the car maybe from Murley.

But if anyone heres anything around here please let me know. The last time I visited the dealer I saw a blue and a white one. I took some pics the car is KICK ASS. Looking at it in person is impresive. Let me be quite and enjoy the pics!
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Thanks for the info. I will try calling the dealers tomorrow morning. What did you think of the pics? Also why did you give up the spots in the dealers? Did you get the car yet?
yeah I had read this forum already, you are making the right choice. The only reason I can buy mine is because I am married w/ a son and a house. Other wise I would get something less expensive.
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