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if you want to pay $125,000 then ya import one. if not and youre human, then wait. they have to import two of them (so ive heard) and crash one and make sure that it will pass US DOT crash tests, if you personally know an importer you may be able to skip that step and get two skylines or STi's. one obviously cannot be registered and you'd have to forge some documentation for legality, but w/ all the BS that goes on in this country id hope you could get away with it. the only reason i say DONT import one is b/c it will take about as long to legally get it here as it will for a US spec STi to get here, and i bet you'll NEVER get that thing to be as good as either a JDM or NA model.... it has to be gutted and put back together by non-subaru employees. i personally would only do that myself, b/c if someone else fuked it up theyd say its b/c its not a US spec car and tough luck. importers arent here to help you get a car, they're here to rip you the fuk off.

not bitchin, and not sayin its a bad idea either, but the cash involved....thats a porsche 911 carerra, need i say ANYTHING else. if youre just a subie junkie then i say rock on grab that bitch and waste the money.

maybe that crap about importing two is BS but i know they have to crash a similar JDM model car to make sure that it will pass the "stringent" US crash tests.

if you are going to go down the importing path, i say grab a US spec WRX, gut the drivetrain and drop in a STi's, it would be cheaper and MUCH easier to get legal. an STi RA motor w/ ac is $10000, the tranny w/ FLSD (front limited slip diff) and DCCD (driver controlled center diff) is $7000. you just saved a $80,000. ill look around and see if there is a full STi conversion kit w/ ECM and all related parts.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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