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Sti Different for Canada ??

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Hi. I've had an Sti on order for a couple of months now through my dealer in Canada. Today, I received a faxed copy from him of a memo from Ted Lalka, VP Marketing, Subaru Canada, dated January 10, 2003.

In it, he states Canada's unveiling will be at the Toronto Auto Show on Feb 14, 2003. He goes on to say Canada's version will be the same as the US with the following exceptions:
- will NOT have HID :( :( :(
- will have rear trunk pass through
- will have audio system
- will have heated driver's seat

As much as I like to be toasty in the winter, I would gladly get rid of all these "extras" in exchange for HID.
Has anyone from Canada heard similar?
Is it too late to do anything about this?

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Metro Subaru, Philly PA

Hey Sylvain.
I think I'll be at the Toronto show on the 15th and most of my time will be spent ogling :eek: the STi especially since I have a silver one on order here in Ottawa. I wanted to know what it will look like with the blue seats and carpet though otherwise I will go with tradition and get WRB. Oh well I bet they will have the WRB on display. My dealer also called to confirm my colour choices and said the HID were an option... I think he could be mistaken after I read wave's explanation above.

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