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The STi discount is postponed until Subaru of America (SOA) makes the STi available to dealers as a presold.

The deal we negotiated specifically stipulates that the cars must be purchased under a "Presale" agreement. SOA has decide not to accept "Presale" agreements, therefore our Club discount is on hold until Subaru changes their STi sales policy.

Frank's Irvine Subaru (FIS) will sell STi's to club members, whose names are on the list for MSRP.

SOA told Desire`at FIS that they will be getting 18 STi's per month. This is more than most (perhaps all) dealers.

I have heard that Subaru will likely change this policy sometime between the third allotment and the end of the first model year.

A word of encouragement for those of you on a tight budget, like me. There was an enormous amount of hype surrounding the WRX just prior to its debut. Claims were made about its certain, lack of availability. Subaru produced and sold between 4 and 5 times more WRX's the first year than was initially touted. Now a WRX can be purchased presale for just a bit over invoice. I predict this will be the case with the STi as well.

The question is how long will this take? I really don't know. It was an arbitrary decision, almost whimsical really, on SOA's part to change the presale policy. I guess they will change it back when a cold breeze from the north blows over their sales forecasts, or are they waiting for the opposite? I really don't know.
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