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STi Boost

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I did NOT like the sounds of the 19psi of boost that the Evo will be running. Any guesses as to how much boost the STi will be running?
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I'm not worried about it being able to handle it, just more boost = more lag, etc.

The Neon will always be a Neon though, and its front wheel drive. Yuk. I still feel there something to be said for the classyness or "character" of a car, and the Neon falls short in that area IMO.
Limeydriver said:
Lag is really more of a factor of the turbo size than the amount of boost. Historically the Evo has had less turbo lag than the Sti.
Right on.
More boost usually requires a bigger turbo, which equates to more lag. You could say then, most likely more boost is more lag. Mitsubishi's turbo technology has done a good job of countering this with titanium turbine blades and other goodies. Why do you think twin-turbo applications are potent? The smaller one spools up almost instantly (less lag) for a good torque punch but cannot produce as much high end power, the larger one kicks in for the high end.

Chobos, I'm not sure what you mean about the turbo already spinning=no lag by definition. The lag is the time while you're waiting on the turbine to spool up. The boost is generated by the turbine inside your turbo spinning. The turbo spooling up gives you the compressed air.

More power with less boost is a good thing. Could be that huge bag of crack I smoked this morning talking though...
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