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STi Better not Disappoint!

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If SOA gives us a watered down STi like the UK version, I am gonna join the darkside :lol: I have to admit, the EVO8 is pretty sweeeeet!
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yup the EVO is a good deal to begin with.

But no front limited slip, no 6 speed tranny, no active yaw control. I think this is where ralliart will come into play at a cost.

If we get the twin scroll turbo we are in good shape. If we get a 2.5l the STi will be a lot more car than the EVO VIII.


Is anybody out there?

Guys I have been assured that I will not be disappointed with the new STi. If I am happy with the specs, I think pretty much everyone will be.

We will find out on Monday!
STi will NOT disappoint!

What specs would you be happy with?
I want it ALL.
Well said ScoobyDo....ditto for me!
Trust me when I say this:

None of us will be disappointed AT ALL. :D:D:D
:eek: JJ are you hiding something you know and cant tell us??? lol jus messen buddy....yea the EVO looks pretty nice, i guess they included some carbopn fiber on the wing, from reading from other sources....Ah well i hope the STI has 300hp but then again its USA i bet we'll get the 275 version, due to the fact that evo has 271....so we'll see what happens!!!im crossing my fingers i want this dam thing NOW :evil: ahahhaha
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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