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STi 2 minute sneak peek on SpeedTV show

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The show called "Autoline Detroit" on SpeedTV today showed a 2 minute sneak peak of the 2004 STi. It was fairly nicely done...no groundbreaking news except they mention the ~32K price tag. Some nice new video shots, but nothing in-depth.

According to their website http://autolinedetroit.tv/autoline/
the show re-airs on 4/22/03 at 10AM EST. There's also a lower quality Realvideo streaming of the show on the site. You can watch the whole show or fast forward to the 8:15 mark for instant access

The special guest is John Heinricy, and it's actually a fairly good show about performance vehicles.
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It sounds to me like he wouldn't buy a Subaru, then or now. Plus, since he didn't personally witness the racing history, he still sees them as the 1980's 98 lb weakling, instead of what they are.

My retort - For the past ten years domestic auto makers have been ignoring the consumer interests in all areas other than SUVs, relying on dated designs, market monopolies, and pittance upgrades to keep consumers coming back. Now that Import manufacturers are catering to a broader range of consumer, the domestic manufacturers risk losing a major component of their market sales permanently. Kudos to Subaru for having the vision to strike at the right time.
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