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Steering Racks

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I got a 04 STi, and my rack is pissing out fluid from the seal at the inner tie rod.. I'm kinda in a pinch and I can't find a rack anywhere for a reasonable cost.. I can get a WRX rack for $135 shipped. How much difference will there be in steering. I know the steering ratios are different.

This site 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX and STi spec page shows the WRX at 16.5:1 and the STi at 15.0:1..
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if all you do is drive to work and back then you really wont feel it. if you do some track or twisty mountain road driving you'll notice at first but then youll get used to it. the dealership sells the seals so if youre mechanically inclined you can fix your original rack. im also pretty sure automatic transmission shops can refurbish them.
I did go and pick up a wrx rack. I'll throw that in and attempt to rebuild mine for down the road.. Just a DD no mountains or curvy roads in Florida :(
How much does a replacement STi steering rack go for?
I was looking around for one for my car earlier this year (turned out to be nothing), but I was looking at roughly $300 after getting the core charge back
Well Took my car to a buddy's shop and after taking the jack plate off and started to look, there was a fitting leaking that I couldn't see before. Tightened it up and leak stopped.
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