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Stage 2 Protune, Temporarily need to rever to stock. Do I need to retune?

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My car is up for the 4 year inspection in Switzerland. Downpipes are not homologated or legal, So I have to swap back to stock configuration. Unfortunately we don't have wonderful accessports here to just flash back to stock map, and my tuner is very far away.

I know that tuning is necessary when making changes to airflow. Will my car which is ECUtek tuned stage 2, suffer or have any problems, if I swap to full OEM stock exhaust for a few days and drive around, including having it inspected.

I realize this may be a dumb question, but with my limited knowledge, I would rather ask if it can be done, then go get the stock tune put on it right away.
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If the tune is for the stock intake, you could probably limp it by staying out of boost.
If the tune is for the stock intake, you could probably limp it by staying out of boost.
The car is indeed tuned for the stock intake box, and filter.
I would give it a shot but be very careful and stay outta boost. If you can stay in closed loop you should be able to get it done.
Can you be sure that they won't accelerate at least a little hard during the inspections if they do a test of the emissions? If you have the stage 2 tune with a DP that might be dangerous.

It is probably best to take the car to your tuner because you cannot be sure how they will treat the car at the inspection, and that's not even taking into account they might want to joy ride it etc.

What about using a laptop and opensource? I know very little about that but if you can turn a wrench you can change back to the stock DP and have your tuner email you a stock tune and you'll be fine.

This would be a good question for your tuner as well because the laws and methods of inspection in Switzerland may very well be different than else where and this is a mostly (but not all) USA forum.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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