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I know it's sort of a late notice, but thought some of the guy's in Middle TN may be interested.

It has come that time again for another meet. This meet will be held in Chattanooga TN. This time around I am about 100% sure that I will not be sick!!! Haha

The meet will take place at 1PM and last until everyone goes home. We will be meeting at Carmike Battlefield 10. We will chill there until everyone arrives, check out some cars, and take a few pics. From there we wil be going into the Battlefield (park). Nice cruise speeds and a great place to get some rolling shots of our cars.

After getting some nice shots out in the battlefield we will then head over to the Colonnade for a group shot and a great place to take 1x1 shots as well. From here comes the fun (like it wasn't fun already!). We will head over to the Winners Circle for some gokarts and air hockey. Air hockey will be a by in of $2 a game. This is some great fun and the last time we did this we had someone go home with enough money to cover their trip in gas and food!

After all this I am sure everyone will be a little bit hungry. So you may ask...whats for dinner? We will be taking a nice cruise to downtown Chattanooga. Once there we will be eating at a resturant called Genghis Grill. For anyone that has not been here, ask a few members that I have taken and they will say hands down some of the best food you have put in your mouth. Its rediculous!

Once done eating it will be around 7pm is what I am guessing. At that time for those that need to head home may do so. For those that would like to stay there are a few of us that are going to hit up a movie or something.

So what does this meet offer this time around? Well we have some more goodies to give away. On top of that we will be giving out some random prizes as well :) Hope to see everyone there. Please feel free to cross link this thread to any other board you are a member of. Just be sure to post the link in this thread where you are placing it so that we do not double post.

When: April 20, 2008 - 1:00PM

Where: 1099 Battlefield Parkway Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742

Hosted by: SouthSideImports.net / B.O.D.I. Performance

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April SSI Meet - Chattanooga, TN April 20, 2008 - :: South Side Imports - SSI ::

There is also a caravan getting together at the Titan's Stadium at 9AM and heading to Murfreesboro to meet up with some more cars. Then heading down to Chatt.

Any questions feel free to message me.
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