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Hello, new STi owner here

The Subaru Queens Crew and our Sister crew EVO-NY are having a meet tomorrow 8/2/03 at alley pond park. All are invited to come and talk about cars, or just BS about life. We should be meeting up at 11, Directions are as follows. If anyone wants more info, post here or PM/IM me.

From the I-95...

1. Take the I-95 all the way to the Throgs Neck Bridge.
2. Once you're on the bridge, take the exit for the Clearview Expwy.
3. Stay on the Clearview Expwy until you see an exit for the Long Island Expwy (495).
4. Once you exit, the road will fork into East (Long Island) and West (Midtown Tunnel). Take the East road.
5. Stay on the LIE until you see Exit 29 (Springfield Blvd) and exit off the Expwy.
6. Make a right at the first traffic light (Springfield Blvd).
7. Go all the way down until you see a park on your left side (forgot what avenue/street it is). That's Alley Pond Park.
8. Make that left turn and you will see the parking lot on the left side.

Alternate directions to avoid the LIE and its congestion in that area-

Stay on the Clearview past the LIE exit. The next exit, which comes up right after that, is 73rd. Ave. Take this exit, and go left at the light onto 73rd. After you pass a block of stores, go through the next intersection (Bell Blvd) and continue on 73rd to the next light, which is Springfield Blvd. Make a right on Springfield, and then the first possible left which is 76th Ave. Make another immediate left from 76th into the parking lot and you are there.
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