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There's an article in this month's issue of Sport Compact Car...I happened to grab the last issue on the stands at Rite-Aid, and looks like it's already been read quite a few times. Again, nothing new...but I guess that's cuz we've all known pretty much everything there is to know about the car. The magazine hasn't gotten a test car to drive yet, but soon they will. Can't wait!

At the risk of turning off-topic: What was interesting was their article on the EVO. 24 hours with the EVO...the driver's neighbor asked, "Two hundred seventy-one horsepower, right?" "Have you heard about the new WRX STi? 300 hp" (heh heh heh) anyway later that day they showed up an RSX Type-S on the way to Los Angeles County Raceway to race as many runs as they wanted for only $15. Like that was any contest. It's only fair if you had a stock WRX. Anyway, the first run the guy did, the announcer called it a Subaru :evil: 14.408 s, but he blew the launch. Eventually he got it down and beat a Z. Twice. He beats an RX-7. Then challenges a '99 vette, lost the first run by missing 2nd gear, but then beats the vette on the rematch.

Can't wait until someone brings out an STi out there...24 hours with STi...everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame, but yours is up, EVO! :wink:
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