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Speedy delivery

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MSRP in SoCal

The call I got from the dealer last week led me to believe that my car was leaving port today. If it did, I'd seriously consider buying the trunk that brought it here for my next high performance vehicle, because my STi showed up at the dealer before lunch. Anyway, after about 100 miles, I think I'm getting comfortable with a manual transmission again (I've driven SUV's for the last 8 years). Oh well, back to the road!

For what it's worth, that was the easiest and most painless car purchase I have ever made. MSRP + destination charge, $31,545. My third visit to the dealer ever took less than two hours, and most of that time was spent waiting for two other people to get done with the financing guy. The interesting thing is that the previous two times I went by the dealership were equally as painless. The first time was when I put myself on the waiting list; I did that over lunch. The second time was when I got the call about the delivery notice last Friday, and I was there for less than 15 minutes. Total, I have spent less than 5 minutes on the phone with them, and they still have not replied to the one email I sent them in January.
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