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The System 450Q by OEM Audio Plus

We are proud to offer the OEM Audio Plus System 450Q sound solution for the 2008-2014 WRX/STI Hatchback vehicles. We not only guarantee the quality and reliability of every OEM Audio Plus sound system; We are confident you will not find a better sound experience for the money.

Quick Links:
Product Page on O+ Store
Installation Video

O+ on Instagram
O+ on Facebook

The Promise of OEM Audio Plus:
Each O+ Solution is designed from the ground up to deliver high fidelity sound reproduction without compromising the integrity of your vehicle (i.e. space, functionality, weight, performance or warranty).

What do we mean by “high fidelity sound?” We believe in sound reproduction accurate to the recording artist’s intent. Experience your music to fullest without any frequencies (High, Mids or Lows) misrepresented. Each solution is tuned specifically based on the acoustics, radio output and components of your vehicle.

The moment you plug in your O+ solution you will experience our signature sound (No tinkering necessary).

Features / Specifications:
- WRX/STI specific design and tuning
- D.I.Y. / Plug and play installation
- No splicing, drilling of holes or customization of body panels for installation.
- Optimized for all vehicle factory radios and most aftermarket options
- Vehicle factory warranty remains completely intact when installed according to instructions.

- Tuned exclusively for the vehicle acoustics of the WRX GR
- Vehicle undergoes extensive acoustic measuring (using proprietary six microphone array)
- Every component (both stock and O+) is measured to determine the influence of the interior acoustics of the vehicle.
- Objective adjustments only go so far the final O+ sound is only achieved through extensive listening sessions amongst our sound engineers and O+ peers.
- Experience full dynamic sound reproduction from the front woofers (factory or O+) without the rattle commonly associated with the factory system.


8 Channel 32-Bit DSP Power Amplifier
- 360 Watts RMS (Continuous / @ 2-ohms)
- Cirrus-Logic 32-Bit Digital Signal Processing
- Real-time system diagnosis for trouble-free operation
- Meets all OEM standards including AEC-Q100

- OEM grade: reliable performance & operation for the life of your vehicle.
- Programed O+ Signature Sound (Experience unmatched audio the moment you plug it in)
- Clean, unadulterated, undistorted power.
- Mounts underneath front passenger side seat using existing mounting locations for minimal footprint and ease of installation.

- Connects seamlessly to factory harness and radio
- Constructed of genuine OEM connectors (sourced from Tyco, Sumitomo and Yazaki) to ensure perfect connection and maintain 100% signal integrity every time.
- OEM Fuse Holder Assembly featuring element proof butt-connectors and built-in solder
- Weighs under 4lbs / 1.8kg

- 8" Quad Voice-Coil Woofer
- Genuine Carbon Fiber Cone Woofer
- 100W RMS (200 Peak)
- Sensitivity 88.9dB (1 W,1M)
- Frequency Response: 20 -1000 Hz

- WRX/STI Hatchback-Specific 14 Liter Sealed Fiberglass Enclosure
- Tailored minimalist design: All your vehicle's space, all your music's bass

-Weighing in at 11.1lbs / 5.05kg

-Utilizes existing trunk liner fastener locations (no drilling necessary)

-Quick-Release knob for ease of installation (and/or removal)

Standard Enclosure Finish (Satin Black)
*Factory Color Match Enclosure option (+$200 / 14 Day Lead-time)

• 2008-2014 Subaru WRX/STI - Hatchback

System 450Q | $999 (+tax to California Residents)

Where to buy:
- Direct through O+.com
- 6 Month Financing available through PayPal Credit (More Details)

The below link will take you directly to each product page on the O+.com store:
System 450Q | WRX Hatchback


3 year / 36,000 Miles from the date of receipt (operational failure). All components are subject to co-exchange. We stand by the quality and functionality of all O+ systems whether install at your dealership or D.I.Y.

System 450Q price includes standard ground freight in the continental US ONLY. Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and any International order will have additional freight charges. Shipping quote available via: [email protected]

The Uniqueness of OEM Audio Plus
Can you build the same system for less? No.

Yes, there are other manufactures that offer bits and pieces of things… Which is great for the hobbyist. However what about you? Do you want to add a $$$ box to your vehicle (+ woofer + amp + DSP + wiring + speakers +tuning + Install)? We don't sell "parts"; We provide a complete turn-key sound experience.

We are sensitive to the way your car is designed. The System 450Q solution are OEM-Grade solutions that leave your car functioning the way it should off the lot. Not putting additional useless weight (disrupting the balance of the car).

We only design and offer products that guarantee premium quality, proven reliability, ease of installation and enjoyment ----- We built this product for YOU!

What are WRX owners Saying about O+?

Let us know if any questions or requests!!
System 450Q | Product Page

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Looks like a cool system - thanks for putting this system out on the market! I have a few questions:

1) How would you characterize the re-balancing of the frequency spectrum, esp. hatches with the NAV model? "flatter?" "crisper?" "boomier?"

2) I have a little sound deadening in the doors of my STI - it makes the stock system even more boomy - have you tried your system with cars that have some sound deadening mods, and if so, were you happy with how it sounded?

3) Is there an option to run the system without the subwoofer (and retain some 'normal' bass?) If I ran without the subwoofer, could I still get some decent bass through the door speakers?

4) Are there any user-customizable settings with the device? Power/balance/eq, for example?

5) I see that you're using an 8" sub - is it a sealed or tuned port system? I have had some 8" systems in the past and always felt that they were more punchy than deep. How would you characterize the sound that this subwoofer+enclosure provides?

6) RE the sub - is the sub output level tune-able at the amp? If I put in a bigger subwoofer later, could I turn up/down the amplification level to the sub? (Does the sub amp cut off really low freqs to keep the 8" happy, or would I be satisfied with the sub amp's sound if I complemented it with a 10" or 12" sub later?)


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Oh, one other question - if I eventually swapped out the factory NAV unit for an aftermarket head unit, could I send back the amp for a 'reprogramming' to take out the unit-specific programming?

Or would you recommend ordering a setup with a more 'neutral' compensation for the factory head unit, in anticipation of a later upgrade?

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Hi @JamNut, thanks for your interest in the O+ solutions. We welcome all questions along the way!!

1) We prefer a smooth sound with minimal fluctuations in amplitude from mid-band up to the high frequency roll-off. We emphasize on detail and space with emphasis on transparency. We dial in a responsive and defined bass response which intentionally blends with the front door woofers for realistic sounding upfront bass. We offer three subwoofer output flavors: Balance, Full (+3db), and Robust (+6db).

2) We normally do not use sound deadening when we develop a system since most of our early sales channels are new car dealers. We decided to treat our 2013 WRX hatchback and it actually helped.

3) Not without replacing the stock 5" coaxial speaker in all 4 doors. There is just not enough cone area and suspension travel to allow for reproduction of frequencies below 80 hz. To get full bass response at normal sound level, a subwoofer is mandatory to "add-on" below 80 hz.

4) No owner user settings are available with our kits since its our strong belief that the our target customers expect a fully resolved, turn-key solution out-of-the-box. We have a reputation of delivering Clean, Crisp and Clear sound and this is never easily arrived at from an engineering perspective. Our system infrastructure allows our seasoned engineers to "tune" the system to its max potential. Even greater on systems that utilize our speakers which have inherent design considerations built-in to delivery sound quality often compared to high quality home audio systems.

5) We designed our 8-inch driver to deliver a smooth response in a 14 liter sealed enclosure. The combination of using a carbon fiber cone and a medium travel voice coil with the enclosure yields a system that requires no EQ compensation to deliver full in-car low frequency response. The bass is taunt and will exhibit quality extension below 40hz should the music content include this. It also can be re-tuned by altering the enclosure displacement to give a more impactful sound for EDM and Hip-Hop music.

6) The sub amp level is fixed and not user-adjustable. Our systems are designed to meet and exceed expectations of customers who prioritize clarity and definition over quantity. Using multiple subwoofers of different sizes cause major anomalies and will deteriorate the quality of any system. Our firm belief is simple is best using the best components at our price range.

7) We would prefer to tune your O+ system specifically for your current head unit (allowing us to guarantee our signature sound reproduction). When the time comes that you change head units we welcome you to send your amplifier assembly in for re-tuning (if necessary). This is a service we offer as a courtesy, we just ask you cover shipping to and fro.

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Wow, thanks for the thorough response. I love the option of having a clean solution like this - I'll be in touch!

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First batch of order is scheduled to ship this coming Tuesday (08/02/2014). Orders will ship in the order by which they were received - however we anticipate filling all orders this next week ;)

We'll be sending installation media and (shareable) introduction content via email on Tuesday.

It's coming. Cheers!!!

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