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When I drive the car around town at normal operating engine temps(fully warmed engine), if I decide to give'r.....say do a run at Wot from 3,000 rpm in 2nd to say 6,000 rpm in 3rd then let off. If I do this a second time the car feels quicker on the second run I do.
When I use my Gtech to moniter the run it shows higher HP and Tq on the 2nd run as well.
I beleive that this is due to the header heating up and allowing quicker flow=more power.

When I went to the drags a few months back I noticed that when I did 4 or 5 runs back to back (no line ups) the car was quicker with each pass I did eg. 1st 13.55 2nd 13.33 3rd 13.12 4th 13.01 5th 12.83 thes were back to back and my thinking tells me that when the car is real hot ...like in run # 5 it should be slower....but it wasn't.

I know that this subject has been beaten to death (header wrap,coating,equal lenge,unequal length...) but what can you do to get the car to perform at its peak on the first run instead of making a warm up run first.

I've watched a few video runs from the car from Big Valley and it looks like he revs the car for about 5 to 10 seconds before he even stages the car to get things warmed up...I think?

Has anyone else noticed this on their car.

Oh by the way I have stock headers but I will be installing Perrins or APS this winter(equal length)
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